Millimeter Racing ​- Mini Americas Cup like Racing...

September 7 & 8, 2019

2019 Millimeter National Championship 

12 Millies entered the annual event which was conducted off the Encinal YC on the estuary. 

The first race on day one was a very windy one. Randy Smith won over Aaron Lee and Pax Davis,

all previous champions, on the windward leeward windward course, finishing on the wind.

The race committee,staff commodore Jim and Jennifer Vickers, called for a recess to see if the velocity 

of the wind would decrease. No such luck. After lunching at the club, the millies were hauled for the night.

The fleet agreed to start racing at 10 am on day two. No wind, no racing until after 1 pm. Due to the south wind,

the course was across the estuary, and twice around finishing downwind. P Davis was first with guest skipper,

 Radar Felton and Lee following.

Race three was the same course, won by Radar followed by Chris Davis and P Davis. Race four was won by Lee

 and followed by C Davis and Radar.

More breeze was in and the course was changed by RC John Hansen. The course was W,L,finish on the wind. 

With southerly lifts on the westerly course, Smith won followed by P Davis and C Davis. Race 6 was won by Smith

followed by Radar and C Davis. The final race was won by Lee followed by Smith and P Davis.

When all the scores were tabulated, the scoring was well mixed, especial;;y with one throwout. Smith and Lee were

 tied at 15pts with P Davis at 16. Randy Smith won the tie breaker and is the 2019 Millimeter champ. 

Greg Owen won the Silver Fleet followed by Liam O'flaherty.Good sailing.

The Millimeter Fleet thanks Commodore Theo Rohr setting up the race committee, who on both days did a great job, 

and making the club available to the fleet.