Periodic updates on Racing Results

Seven millies raced in warm, light and shifty conditions. Aaron Lee, current class champion has not lost his touch as he won 4 of the five scheduled races. The only millie to beat him was Chris Davis. The results are attached. The other competitors were Pax Davis, Bob Scholl, Paul Turner, Bill Fruchterman and Pat Ireland.

The races were run by John Hansen and his son Joey. The first 3 courses were windward-leeward round a

leeward mark and to the finish. The last two races were shorter, beat to the weather mark and run to the finish.

Hopefully we will get back on our fall-winter schedule of trying to race every other week.


135 Aaron Lee           1 2 1 1 1   6

214 Pax Davis           2 3 2 2 2  11

117 Chris Davis         4 1 3 3 3  14

12  Bob Scholl           5 5 5 6 4  25

52  Paul Turner         3 4 4 7 7   25

111 Bill Fruchterman 7 6 6 4 5   28

220 Pat Ireland         6 7 7 5 6   31

Six Millies sailed six races on a beautiful day that was shifty with moderate breeze and some easy puffs.

Those present were Chris Davis, Pax Davis,Bill Fruchterman,Pat Ireland, Liam O'flaherty and Greg Owen.

Everybody had at least one good race and most finishes were close.

The next best date for another day on the water might be July 27. Put it on your calendar.

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