Periodic updates on Racing Results

Saturday July 27th

Yesterday we had four millies race five races on a beautiful warm day. The 4-6 knot breeze was

relatively steady until the last race where the northerly came in. Those racing were Bob Scholl -12,

Paul Turner -52, Chris Davis -117 and Pax Davis -214. It was a good day to have a beer at the club afterwards.

 Saturday August 17.

Once again a nice turnout of 7 Millies on a very nice day. The first two races were light with big shifts in the wind.The direction was across the estuary with with mostly a south wind. The course was twice around, using the starting bouy as the turning mark. The fleet was spread apart. The third race was windward mark and then to the finish. Thebreeze had shifted more to the west, but not enough to have to tack to the weather mark. Almost a double reach.
The final race, the wind began to blow a little as only three millies finished. The results are attached.

Place           Sail    Race 1  Race 2  Race 3  Race 4  Total  Place

Lee            1351      1            2           1         1             5        1

P Davis       214       2            1           2         DNS      12        2

CDavis        117       3            3           5          2          13        3

Turner           52       4            4           3          3          14        4

O'Flaherty   212       5            5           4         DNF      21        5

Scholl           68        6            6           7         DNF      26        6

Fruchterman111      DNC       DNC     6          DNF      28        7

Saturday October 12

What a great day. The breeze about 6 knots, smooth water, minimal shifts, enough to tack on and

5 millies. Those present were Liam 212, Bob 12, Bill 111, Chris 117 and Pax 214. Chris and Pax had to leave early after four races, but the remaining millies had a couple of more races.

It was really a great day of sailing.

The next day of off schedule racing will be November 9th

Saturday February 8th

Five Millies showed up to race on a beautiful day. The shifty breeze came in around 1 and

four winward leeward races were held in the relatively warm weather. Aaron, Bob, Liam,Chris

and Pax were present. With the fast ebb current, it seemed everybody met at the weather

mark. it was a race down wind against the tide. Different winners and close races for

the day.

The next scheduled sailing is Saturday February 22nd, try to make it.

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